November 26, 2011

2PM Leave Malaysia ='(

I can't believe.. They are really leaving Malaysia just right now.. I'm already miss them.. It's too fast.. The concert is meaning too much for me.. I can't see them leaving.. Wooyoung!!! you really leave me.!!! They really sweet and nice last night.. Wooyoung looking hot and cute as usual.. Taec is a big guy and macho man.. Khun is a really a nice guy, Junsu.. your performance last night really amazing and great, I LOVE YOU.. Channie.. he is too sexy and cute magnae and Junho.. he promise to come back next year.. He said "Saya akan balik lagi".. tsk tsk.. =''(

They are really really nice in person and they give the best performance last night.. I hope they will remember Hottest here.. and the promises they made.. I'm really really love them.. WOOYOUNG OPPA, I can't see you leaving.. I will keep last night as a great memories that will never forget for the rest of my life.. 2PM, you guys is such the great entertainer and I hope for your success in future.. "Pali turawa" to Malaysia.. Hottest here will wait for you guys.. Wooyoung, even you don't know me and don't see my notes.. I'm here always pray for your happiness, success in your life.. You will be great performer in stage and great person in real life..

WOOYOUNG!!!!!! 2PM!!!!!!!!! SARANGHAE!!!!!!! I WILL MISS YOU GUYS!!!!!!

Right now, my tears has drop by, too much and this is for our memories forever.. =''(

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