November 19, 2011

Falling in Love~

Arghh.. a bit upset can't watch full episode of WGM Leeteuk & kang Sora tonight.. The sources has been deleted.. I'm late to click for the link.. tsk tsk.. So now I'm in patient waiting for tomorrow or might be tonight to see the full episode.. heheh.. This Dimple Couple has catch my heart to watch every episode.. They such an adorable and lovely couple.. Love to see Leeteuk smile, he is so funny and caring husband.. Sora also become more pretty.. hehe.. I wish they will succeed finishing the whole series..

(haaacuuumm!! Demam demam pun excited lagi)

So, this is some highlight.. weeeee~~~

  • Actor Kang Sora and her virtual husband, Leeteuk from Super Junior went on a date with new uniforms at his alma mater (school).
  • On the broadcast of We Got Married on the 19th, Kang Sora decided to organise the first date and leaded Leeteuk somewhere. Sora chose none other than Leeteuk's school as the location of the date. They returned as students, eating dokbokki and snacks, enjoying the memories of a student's life.
  • In particular, Sora was wearing a cute uniform, and had prepared Leeteuk with a boy's uniform too. In addition to this, Sora also secretly prepared the piano in the music room which touched Leeteuk. They played the Chopsticks March among other pieces, while sitting closely together, and passed the time happily.

Grrrr.. They are too cute!! someone please upload it faster so that I can watch it tonight.. LOL.. Happy watching!

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