November 07, 2011

Jay Park & 2PM

“I don’t know how they feel, but as for me, we all struggled together, came up
together, and that’s something I’ll never forget. So, as for me, those dudes are still my boys. I’m down whenever.” — Jay Park (about 2PM) Complex Magazine

--->> This article really attracted me.. Jay is Jay and 2PM is 2PM.. now.. But what I can really say that the truth is they are together.. and the past is past.. Hottest also shared the same feeling like them too.. Either unite or continued with their path.. This is for their best.. and for me to see them united is the best.. Talking right now, because of they already separated.. I only hope for their success even though I also think Jay can comeback as 2PM..=)

Credit to: It's 2PM-Hottest

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