November 03, 2011

Taeyeon New Hair..


Talking about SNSD comeback for 'The Boys' that has pass a few weeks ago.. I really2 enjoy their music performance on stage.. But most attracted my eyes is Taeyeon that come out with new look especially her hair.. Look stunning and amazing.. Love the colours and I think this is one of the best hair that she has.. Honestly, she look pretty..

I talk about this hair.. so cute..

The hair color make her look pretty..^__~

Love her short hair too~

Like a doll..

Her current photo shoot..

I start liking her when she start doing MC with Wooyoung in Win Win Idol.. And than I ship for WooTae couple before WooU couple.. ngee.. I've never knew the leader of SNSD but from there I start to like her.. and she is the one of the SNSD's member that I've seen a lot compare to others.. (beside Yoona)..

Do you like her too?? hehe..

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