November 24, 2011

2PM, Welcome to Malaysia!!

Yes, they finally arrived here.. in the same country like us.. Malaysia.. Annyeong! greating them even I can't go to take them at airport last night.. tsk tsk.. T T .. There is a lot of Hottest to support them last night.. Some incident happen but it's totally be fine because Hottest get crazier and can't control themselves after seeing 'uri egi', our Baby Beast Idol from Korea.. So, guys, they actually will do press conference today but sad, the place is private and they doing it at hotel.. damn.. this is a press, why don't the organizer organize at more open place like Singapore does.. uhuhu.. Sad actually but anyhow, happy that they now are here, walking in the same place, same town and same country.. I can't breath.. LOL..

Let see some of their picture leaving from Korean than finally here at Malaysia

Baby Woo leaving for Malaysia.. Hot Hot!!

Most fashionable and cutest style I have seen.. Kyopta!!

Lets comparing his style..

Woo Leaving for Singapore.. Love the jacket..

Woo leaving for Indonesia.. Love his hair..

Wooyoung at Incheon leaving for Malaysia

They finally arrived at KLIA!!

Beast Idol arriving!!

Woo giving a smile.. cute as always..

There is so many Hottest.. Fighting Woo!!

Can't believe he is here!!

Khun.. do you miss your hometown??It's just our next country..LOL..

Kind of blur but totally its Junsu..




Hottest Fan cam

Wooyoung give a smile =) Isn't it Hot?? LOL..

This is totally crazy.. He is totally god damn cute.. and handsome.. I'm melt away.. aigoo ya.. Never mind I will find you tomorrow baby.. Wait for me.. Saranghae!

Some notes for all readers might be the International Hottest.. Please don't misunderstanding for the things that you heard about our Hottest here.. We actually some kind of excited, and crazy for them so some of them are too much and over react for their arriving.. Any bad things you heard, we Malaysian Hottest would like to apologize.. We don't want to hurt anybody especially our 2PM.. We are very thankful for their coming and we hope that 2PM is understand for our feelings.. Hottest here is just like others Hottest.. We respect others and hope others like that too.. So, I hope people will understand it.. Hoping that 2PM are enjoy making tour here and we will make this as a one moment in time that we never forget.. Salute and Peace =)

P/s: All those picture full credit for Hottest and My Hottest 2PM..

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