November 29, 2011

25 Nov 2011~

Fuhhh,, it's actually hard for me to publish this post even its already past 4 days ago.. 4 days dear.. It's like 4 years ago.. Miss my boys, miss my baby Woo miss them a lot.. Watching them now after the concert is not the same after this.. It's just like seeing them alive.. uhuhu.. Miss them so much!! Just to open up my story.. I would like to give them a big of applause for giving such a great performance and bring a great memories for Hottest here.. Saranghae 2PM, you made me proud the be the Hottest.. 2PM is the best group ever that will stay in my heart forever!!

Would like to take the members speech.. Taec said its such an honor to perform here, We will comeback again.. Junsu said "I really enjoy tonight, do you?? We will come back, isn't that guys??", he ask others members, than my Baby Woo said in korean that I could not understand but there is a translation on the screen.. I can't see that because too focusing on him but at the end he said "Thank You".. Khun said "I'm proud to be 2PM and to be part of you guys.. and no wonder they said Hottest here is hot because they are hot than the hottest.. We will together forever!!".. Junho already said early in Malay language said that "Terima kasih kerana datang, Saya akan kembali lagi", Owh, he is really nice person and daebak to try to speak Malay.. It's great Ho.. and finally Channie that are really2 sexy that night.. He also said in Korean.. He is really amazing that night, playing sword and do some martial art.. so cute magnae! After that concert I think Chansung is the best magnae.. 2PM is not complete without Woo, Taec, Khun, Chan, Junsu and Junho.. Love them!!

Wee.. Woo fan.. so cute~~

Actually I have taken some photo around the concert that night but sorry for the video.. I took it but all I can hear is the scream from me and my friends.. The best is, I shout for Woo than she shout for Chansung.. ahhh, crazy.. yes, WE ARE CRAZY!!! so that's why I can't give for you to see.. LOL.. They are too far from me to take close our 2PM babies because you know what.. I use only my handphone, Sony and not the cybershot.. I'm must be crazy, even I know that night is the only chance to take them close but not buy any digital camera to take their picture.. Cry cry cry right now.. tsk tsk.. ='(

Before the concert

Aha, too excited.. take a picture before reach at the Stadium..

This is made by my friends..

Three of us..

Handmade Fans..

Hot that day!

Fan Sign~

My notes for Woo~ Hope he already read it..=(

For Taec Fan~


Some stories during the concert

Here is our seat.. Far far away.. uhuhu..

Small stage for our beast to dance.. LOL..

Feel excited waiting for them!!

Wow.. Its already started!!

The opening is HOT when they choose HOT as the opening song for the concert!!! Everyone got excited when the boys shown up.. Totally crazy that night.. Because I'm in the left side so what I can do is looking them far to stage than look at their face close up to the screen.. OMGeee.. They are so fineeeee.. Smokin Hot especially Woo.. looking them straight to the stage is like the dream come true.. Because I'm in a free seat so it kind of live concert in TV when look at the screen.. LOL.. Lucky people who stay close to the stage.. so next time I'll by the Rockpit zone to rock with them.. Jealous yaw.. huhu..

Wooyoung- Always be My Baby

I'll never change my bias.. LOL.. Even after the concert he always be my baby.. kekeke.. He is so cute and always be energize at the stage.. Scream aloud seeing him sing and dance.. There is the time when Woo want to change his cloth on stage from his solo performance with Ho to sing "I can't" song.. Kyaa.. Screaming a lot Woo ah.. Woooahhh.. Crazy baby!! You are Hot!! Wooyoung also come to left side, shake hand with close fan than give love shape for audience.. Argghh.. It's like a heaven when see him come to our side.. Crazy!! Saranghae Woo.. The video about Jeonggam, Chansung's cat also been show.. Woo obsession to Michael Jackson is funny.. LOL.. Do not worried baby, you can be a big star like him.. Yeah.. Love you!!

Cute Woo!!

I think he look at our side this time..LOL..

Ouch.. Smile baby smile ^^

Handsome Woo!

Clap you hand!!

Woo change his cloth.. ahaha.. I like!!

Junsu- Alive

Junsu, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH FOR SINGING THAT SONG!!! ALIVE.. From the all song that they sing on stage, I really enjoy Junsu performance for "ALIVE" and like it for hundreds of time because for me that song really sounds great for the concert and Junsu song is really Daebak song.. ALIVE make me feel energize and so fresh.. Love it!! Junsu did very well that night.. Congratulations for his song and performance.. Really enjoy it!! ALIVE will be my favorite song in my life!!! Chuaheyo!!

Khun as an Angel

Khun make a special performance at stage, he become the real angel that night.. haha.. Khun really handsome and all fans got excited seeing his family.. All his family were there.. His mother, brother and sister.. We also has a chance to take his sister picture but from my friends camera.. LOL.. They are such lovely family.. Lucky Vic has a chance to meet Khun family.. There is also a special performance from Khun and Taec through My Valentine song.. To be honest I like Woo & Taec to sing it.. haha..

Khun.. My valentine..

Khunnie become angel~

Taec Jump from stage

Ah, to be honest.. Everyone scream when see Taec.. Everyone loves him.. me?? not.. because I already have Woo.. LOL.. To make it excited, Taec also jump up from stage to the right side.. LOL.. Fans are screaming.. Crazy Ok Cat.. His obsession to cat is too much.. I heard that lucky fans got his kiss and flower.. Owh god.. So lucky.. Khun and Taec also play around with left side a lot too.. haha.. So Happy!!

Ok Cat

Junho speak Malay

Junho, you really nice and good person.. People are crazy for you because of your talent and also your kindness.. My friends has a chance to hug you (jealous) and you also help some of the girls that almost fall at the airport.. You are a very kind person.. Make fans smile like your cute eye smile.. hehe.. I think, you are the best fan service than others.. Than you surprise us with speak in Malay.. Ahaha, so cute dear.. He said, "Saya akan kembali lagi".. LOL.. Atleast you have an effort to learn Malay.. Like us, Hottest that can sing in Korean.. That is the right artist that we want.. Good job my dear.. And I also love your song, "Give it to me", and I know others also.. =) People will always love you.. Fighting!!


Chansung Show Off

Channie has surprised us with his shirtless in the end.. Kyaa.. He open up his shirt in front of others.. arghhh!! Crazy!! he really likes to show off his though body Changsung ah.. Well, everybody loves it!! Thanks for the gift Chansung.. haha.. The best gift that people want to have.. LOL.. Then the fan also give him the Banana Doll.. LOL.. so cute.. He take it before leave the stage..hehe.. Chansung love Banana.. Banana love Chansung.. ahaha..

Channie sexy & handsome..

See that.. LOL.. funny boy!

2PM singing Only You than give roses for the fans

Wanna too..huhu..

Cute Junho~


They sing famous song that make me crazy that night

10 Out of 10
Only You
Again & Again
I Hate You
Back to You
Tired of Waiting
Don't Stop Can't Stop
Without You
I'll Be Back
Hands Up
I'm Your Man
Alive- Jun.K

At the end, they sing "Thank You" that means a lot for them and Hottest.. Before that song, they give us a video that show how much hard and pain they receive during training and rehearsal.. and so emotional time for them.. Thank You is the most lovely and sad song for me because its specially made for Hottest who love them.. So emotional.. Thank You 2PM for making my day that night.. Cry cry and cry hearing that.. Thank you thank you thank you and I love you love you love you~~

Congratulations 2PM!!

If there is a good than there is also a bad side for this concert right.. So, some of the thing that I didn't like for this first time concert is the way organizer organize this event.. It's still weak in term of the organizing people to enter the hall and me who already come at the morning need to Que up again at the back because all people are cut off the line and do not follow the rules there.. What a weak organizer.. Same for the incident in airport.. Malaysia, please do better for their next concert.. Hope for it..

Other thing is that how could you take people who not buy the rock pit zone go to that side to fill in the space?? If you already know that there are no space anymore for free seat than why you sell it??aigoo.. please please.. next time the organizer need to watch out for this kind of problem.. I'm kind of jealous actually.. LOL.. Than, can you imagine.. people who not buy the ticket to the concert or might be can't get the chance to go to the Hi5 session, can go for Hi5 session by paying RM50 to enter and see them.. Aigoo, if I know this would be happen, I should go there.. huhu.. This is all unfair!

Well, I forget all about this because I really enjoy their concert that night and everything has already happen.. What to say.. I hope to buy the close up sit next time.. May 2PM keep their promises to come again next year.. This time for great show and great avenue..

After the concert!!

Peace with Woo picture.. LOL..

The memorable ticket..

Finally, I've finish to write this journey with 2PM boys.. They are rock that night and we all Hottest really enjoy their great performance.. Congratulation once again to them and Hottest for making this happen, alive.. I will keep 25 Nov 2011 as the great memories that will never last forever.. We sing, we scream we laugh and we cry for 2PM.. Hottest, keep supporting them no matter how far they are, how hard they are and how sweet they are.. Like Khun say, We will stay together forever..

2PM, Saranghae!! Jang Wooyoung Saranghae!!

P/S: Credit for 2PM Always for clearer picture in the concert..

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