November 25, 2011

Big Day Big Moment!!

Just for the close up for today event.. They already finish Press Conference and Hi 5 session this evening.. Lucky Hottest can see them so close.. Ah, feeling so jealous right now.. >.<


Sit with pair.. TaecWoo, KhunSu and Channuneo~

Aha.. candid time.. Woo cute cute.. >.<

Hik, Woo face there..

Some of the rehearsal picture..

Which one is Woo?? Look so far for VVIP seat.. LOL..

Udong Ang Ang Fighting!!

The stage for tomorrow.. Daebak!!

Owh, I'm sorry for keep updating 2PM event.. So much thing happen and I'm curious to know everything about them.. LOL.. What I expect tomorrow??

Sing My Favourite Song

I Hate You
Again & Again
Don't Stop Can't Stop
Without You
I'll Be Back
Hands Up
Just Like A movie
I'm Your Man

Aha, so much right??hope to really enjoy this, might be the once in a life time for me.. Pray that everything will go smooth and Hottest will control a little bit of themselves.. Making sure nobody hurt dear.. Tomorrow, pleace be calm and cool.. hehe.. Remember, 2PM love Hottest.. Hottest love 2PM.. Support each other.. Urinun Fighting!!

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