December 18, 2011

Sweet Dreams

This is about last night

You can read if you want to know.. muahaha..

Last night I dream...

I dream about Junsu
I dream he and me and its only two of us
Its amazing
We talk about something but I don't remember what
And its actually a long dream that I've never face before this
Its sweets and beautiful >.<
The best part that I love.. he kiss me at my cheek.. Ow.. mm.. gee..
Its the best dream that I've never had
Its maybe crazy for you guys to hear that and its also crazy for me.. LOL..
For me.. that dreams is something that I can only feel but can't touch it!!
Dreams might be the real
and I wish that this dreams come true
I hope to see him in my next dream.. kekeke..

-->> Why does this feeling come to me?? aigoo.. Maybe I love 2PM too much.. and nobody can't stop me.. LOL.. Wooyoung, please come to my dream atleast once.. Whatever it is.. My heart is still belong to Jang Wooyoung.. kekeke.. Kim Junsu.. (You have stole my heart for 1 second)

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