December 06, 2011

Good Bye Dream High

Dream High 1

Tersenyum sorang2 tengok Dream High 2 punya pelakon.. huhu.. nak menangis pun ada.. sedih sesangat tak dapat tengok Wooyoung lagi.. uwaaaaa.. tsk tsk.. ="( kesat air mata jap.. Tak mo tengok Dream High 2.. Merajuk dengan JYP tak nak amik Woo & Taec.. LOL.. atleast, klu dah tak suka Wooyoung, ambik la Taecyeon belakon.. Sekurang kurangnya ada 2PM kat dalam tu.. ni ntah pape je pelakon kali ni.. Semuanya saya tak minat.. ARGHHHH!!! frust gila.. Menci menci.. grrrr..

Miss them so much!!

JYP, please take note this.. Dream High 2 will not gonna be my favourite Korean Drama.. You have just kill my feel and interest to see Dream High 2.. I don't care whether you or other staff that select this new cast.. All I just want to know that I HATE THIS!!! NA SHILTA!! You know what?? others fan might be excited to see.. especially the fan of Hyorin- Sistar.. the girl that I hate most in Immortal Song.. because she win almost all the episode.. LOL.. and thanks to Immortal Song to aired the show, from there I know Hyorin.. uhuhu.. Kang Sora?? She already cast in WGM.. and.. and she already got another drama when filming WGM with Lee teuk.. she got all the project there.. ahhh.. aigoo.. wae gere?? shiro shiro!!! Ji Yeon- T-ara.. even she is pretty and cute.. she already cast in many of drama before this.. not only drama but also movie.. please give others Idol to cast.. huhu.. Jinwoo- 2AM.. even 2AM is ONEDAY with 2PM.. I still hate it.. kejam tak?? cruel of me.. LOL..

This is what I think about Dream High 2

  • The cast this time look older than their actual age.. Not suitable comparing with the last Dream High.. For me Ji yeon is the only person that suit with Dream High school character..
  • I can accept the new cast but if they totally want to take different actors than they should take at least 3 or 4 years to produce the next Dream High 2.. so that time everybody will forgot about this drama.. wuuu.. They should take time to produce second part because it will make Dream High's fan mad about this.. >< like me!! shiro!! I'm still missing the old cast.. huhu..
  • If the producer want to take different actors and actress, why they use Dream High as the title of the drama.. They should take another title for that drama.. We don't need the same Dream High with different actors.. even you want to show different talent and different face.. it will never be the same like the first time.. and I think that is meaningless to produce Dream High 2 without using the same actors.. make me hate it.. LOL..

Hate it hate it hate it..

In conclusion, I'm still not satisfy with Dream High 2 cast.. I'm not gonna see this drama.. Really upset even without seeing the drama first.. and I should not see this.. tsk tsk.. =( Miss my Wooyoungie so much..

Dream High Memories


Skilled dancer

Skilled singer

Love you so much!!

Jason.. I miss Jason speaking English, miss his cool and superb voice when he singing.. Miss his style and awesomeness dance.. Miss him wearing school uniform that making him HOT!! and I'm dying seeing his cuteness.. Nomu bogoshipo!!

WOOU Couple

Milky Couple..

Cute & Sweet.. >.<

Dream High Press Conference.. kekeke..

Cute smile.. >_<

Jason & Pilsuk.. Miss them both!!

Heartbeat practice.. together.. LOL..

Most lovable moment.. Kiopta..

I miss Milky couple.. Jason and Pilsuk is so cute.. They need more scene and drama together, why they should be end like this.. huhu.. I need to see more Milky Couple.. huhuhu..=(

Woo Baby >.<

Last but not least.. Good Bye Dream High.. Dream High 1 will be stay in my heart forever.. I will always love Jason forever..


P/S: I will be the producer for Wooyoungie next dramas.. kekeke..

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