December 08, 2011

2PM Cinderella's Sister parody

Pretty Baby Woo..

Arghh.. this parody is really nice.. in love with it!! Wooyoung play as sister and Khun as the Cinderella's sister.. Woo looking so pretty and really into that character.. seems not fake.. his move and act totally like the actual character.. nice shoot Wooyoungie.. LOL.. so funny and cute.. Chansung look so handsome.. feel like to scream seeing Chan and Khun together.. kekeke.. Junsu & Junho play as their mother and brother.. so funny.. the best part where Woo & Taec finally make as a couple and they be like a lovely couple.. LOL.. WooTaec is the best.. Saranghae 2PM.. Really enjoy seeing this..

2PM Cinderella's Sister parody

P/s: Laugh till dying seeing Wooyoung cuteness, craziness, pretty and awesomeness act..LOL..


Anonymous said...

wah.. suka betul pada korean ye.... nak layan utube tu tapi line tenet lembap. asyik sekat2 je, hilang feel. huhuh!

Noorsha Muhamad said...

@Cik Gee citer nih..nanti tenet ok tgk ek..hehe..

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