September 15, 2015

Daehan Start to Wear Spectacles

Assalamualaikum & Hi

Latest episode of The Return of Superman show our Daehanie start to wear his glasses after having difficulties of seeing things were it show he always blinking his eyes every time he sees something esp when watch TV.. 

My sweetie pie Mingukie & Big Hyung Daehanie

Dad which can't stand seeing this bring Daehan & brothers to see doctors and checking his eyes.. Than Il kook brings triplets to choose Daehanie glasses.. I think its cute when see him wearing those round small spectacles but at the same time feel sad for him because he need to wear this at the young age while his two brothers still ok with their eyes.. I hope he feels fine wearing it so dad can become more happy.. tsk tsk.. Song appa fighting!!

Poor our Prince Daehanie

Song Daehan Fighting!!

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