June 26, 2015

Sulli leave Fx & Wonder Girls Comeback!

Assalamualaikum & Hi

Annyeong! I'm comeback with some kpop news..yehaa..

Sulli Fx

Its official that Sulli will leaving Fx and cont her career in acting.. Fx will cont doing comeback without Sulli.. Its breaking news for some of their fans.. I'm act like Sulli because she once doing MC with Ok Taecyeon and Wooyoung 2PM in Inkigayo and once appeared to be a guest as a female actor during 2PM performance in 'Like a Movie' song.. Its such a sad news after all the controversies appear she didn't show up with all fx members in some advertisement and issues around her dating scandals.. I think she only appear in one of the drama and its not successful enough to say that her acting is good.. but its her choice right.. Many idol have the same reasons leaving their group like Sohee from WG and Lee Joon from Mblaq.. For once i though Krystal will leaving first because she did some of the drama with Rain and do some activities with her sister. Jessica that also out from Girls Generation.. Such a sad right.. But I pray she will doing fine and be a successful person in future..

Wonder Girls

Rumors goes around Wonder Girls comeback going true when JYP declare they will do a comeback with 4 girls that is Yubin, Yenny, Hyerim and the good things is Sunmi will join back as a WG after leaving that group for some of the reasons.. But the only things that I'm not happy is that no more Sohee this time.. She also leaving the company to cont her acting.. Its sad that first Sunmi leave WG, replace by Hyerim and now Sunmi join back but no Sohee.. Hurm.. But its going to be interesting that JYP said WG will do a comeback not as a dance group but a band group playing some of the instrumental.. Its sound interesting right? Many doubt this comeback but I think they will make it successful like they have already done in a past.. I mean, who doesn't know WG right? Just pray they will do a great job this time.. Fighting!!

Sunmi Join WG back!

So, thats all about them.. I think this two news are shock for some of you but for me its something that we can take as a things to survive.. Everyone got something to do in their life and to be successful, its not easy.. So, think of it..


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