December 04, 2016

Happy Birthday In Haeun!!

Assalamualaikum & Hi

Haeunie's Family

Happy Birthday to you In Haeun.. She is turning 1 years old today.. People who wondering who is she, she is the little baby of actor and actress In Gyo Jin and So Yi Hyun.. In Gyo Jin joining The Return of Superman this year together with YDG (Singer) and Oh Ji ho (Actor) with their babies name Joy and Seoheun.. But my eyes caught Haeun coz she so cute and pretty just like her mum.. hehe..

Mum and dad's Wedding Photoshoot

Just take a look at Haeun precious picture.. 

Chubby cheek

Haeun laugh and smile.. So cute..

For those fans who loves Haeun you can follow In dad instagram and all updates is there.. My wish for Haeun is to grow well and healthy.. Bring the smile to your parents and be a good kids.. I just hope they will continue doing a show in TROS cause I love OGG babies.. Fighting!!

Saengil Cukahamida In Haeun!!