August 14, 2015

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Snsd Yoona

I'm back with some Kpop news.. Oh well, who doesn't know Yoona.. the first member from Snsd that goes viral with her beauty and acting skills.. She was known before Suzy and Exid Hani come to kpop world..  I think she stop some acting in korea and do some filming in chinese if i'm not mistaken.. lol.. Beside SNSD latest promotion on their album with incoming title "Lion Heart" the fans has been shocked by the news that she already broke up with her boyfriend, well known and famous actor & singer too that is Lee Seunggi.. I think many of their shippers goes crazy and disappointing about this news because actually they really good together on or off screen.. Don't you think?? hehe..

Lee Seunggi was able to steal now.. LOL

I think most of the reasons is that they are too busy filming with their tight schedule.. i think.. Watching idol relationships now is like watching We Got Married seasons Idol where they filming or acting as a husband and wife and got divorce after finish their contract.. LOL.. I'm glad Wooyoung did once and married once and leave the show and keep single after that.. (I prayed for it) LOL..

One more thing about her.. Did u  think this blonde white hair suite her?? i think its not.. but her fans said its suit her no matter what she did to the hair.. but for me, black hair with bang was more better like before.. Well, Asian people should keep with black hair.. please! hehe

Blonde Hair

I think more breaking up news will be continue as many idol claiming they are dating this year like Lee Minho & Suzy?? who knows.. Well, hope to see more of their happy news like married for real or something.. Why not be like Sunye from WG that straightly go into married and has kids.. Well, i guess they are not ready.. What do you think?? 

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