February 25, 2015

The Couple that I Wish it was Real

Wooyoung Suzy

This couple was so cute together.. They already been together in one drama, one cameo and being a couple in a Music Video.. In fact, Suzy once said she is a fan of Wooyoung.. ngeee.. Even Woo already been a visual husband to Seyoung i still hope that this couple have an opportunity to act or sing together again as a couple or being a real couple..lol..

Hyemi & Jason in Dream High 1

Same smile.. god, they so good together..

Rain Hye Kyo

They only get one chance acting together in my favorite korean drama, Full House.. Even Rain is dating Taehee now, I still ship this couple forever and still hoping someday they will act together again.. I like Hye Kyo character, she is like cute and funny women and i love to see all her clothes in this drama.. Why not they been a couple again because i like it.. 

Full House couple

Both are really good model.. Handsome and pretty right..

Hwang Kwanghee Han Sunhwa

Who doesn't watched them in WGM?? I recommend you to watch because this is my overall favorite couple in the show.. Kwanghee really funny and caring husband and he confessed that he likes sunhwa by giving her the ring she wants.. Nothing special but he really mean it and their relationship as a good friends was changed after join the show.. Some of the couple having problem while joining the show like dating someone or losing contact after leaving the show but this couple is not.. Watch them in Star King or any concert which have both group, ZEA or Secret, they like so sweet to see each others and fans like it.. lol.. I know its already about 2 years after they leaving the show and each of them have their own life now but i still thinks their feelings is not fake to each others.. Even they married with someone else, i still ship this couple so much..  

Their Honeymoon trip to Hawaii

Lee Teuk Kang Sora

This is another couple that joining WGM.. I like Leeteuk before because he is a leader of Super Junior and he host some of the show like Star King and others.. I never know Kang Sora before but after they join the show together I know that they were so sweet to each other.. I'm not following all of their ep but i did watch the last episode and it was so sad but not as much as Kwanghee Sunhwa couple.. LOL.. I hope that their relationship still on going and pray they will meet each other again at some place..

Wedding pictorial

That is all for now.. This is just some of the couple that i think should be real.. Actually i wrote this after read the article on Allkpop and i think i should give my opinion here to show how much i love them..haha.. 


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