February 09, 2017

Rain & Kim Tae Hee Officially Married

Assalamualaikum & Hi

Its not too late to congratulate this couple of the year Rain & Kim Tae Hee, Happy Married life and Kioron Cukahae.. Im not the big fan of them but of course both was so famous in Korea.. Rain, world star that can sing, dancing and great actor too.. I've known him before he leaves JYPE and now already has his own record and company.. I've only love his acting in Full House drama with Song Hye Kyo.. and I know he is popular with song title "Rainism" if I'm not mistaken.. 

For Kim Tae hee, I've known for her playing second lead role in Stairway To Heaven and also popular with drama Love Story in Harvard.. This two drama was famous during Winter Sonata and Autumn in My heart.. I know you have watching all of this favorite Korean drama right?? yeah.. I love the old story compared to new one.. Maybe I'm old enough to watch new korean drama with new actor and actress.. hahah..

Thats a simple introduction of them.. They already got married on 19th January 2017 after 5 years of dating.. All I know they already go to honeymoon in Bali, Indonesia and maybe right now all of their fans are waiting for great news of their baby soon.. aww.. their baby must be dead gorgeous like their parents.. heheh.. 

I just hope they have a good time together and wish them a happy married life.. Kioron cukahae!!

Hengbokkaseyo Rain & Taehee shi!!!

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