February 04, 2017

Silent is Better

Assalamualaikum & Hi

Sometimes it makes you annoy to think that people don't like you if you didn't speak much but you will regret later feels that speaking will makes you annoy more.. geezz.. isn't you feel that?? huh.. The main point i wanna talk is that i'm trying to be nice with people all around me but end up feel sad cause people were not appreciate what i'm doing.. 

So in this time i feel like silent is better.. I should leave my group whatsup and remain silent or if not just ignore them.. but how to?? one word.. annoying!! you people make me sick.. 

As long as i live i will think of my future not the people around me.. right?? Cause future is my destiny and you people make me sick.. LOL.. 

Adios for sick people..

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