August 17, 2011

2PM Show Ep 6

Most adorable moment.. Woo sleep..

Its already WEDNESDAY.. but only last night i got fully watched 2PM SHOW EP 6.. muahaha.. Overall.. They looking so handsome from week to week..

CHANWOO rolling game..

Cute pajama..

Some highlight!!

WOOCHAN rolling game so cute.. Khunnie staring at them like a bit of jealous.. muahaha..

Stocking game was funny, Taec select different colors than others for each member question.. but when it turn for WOO favourite color he pick correctly that is yellow.. hehe.. Each member are very close.. Especially Junsu.. He always pick WOO when to say something.. ehem.. could be there is something.. LOL.. Love WOOSU moment!!

Junsu suddenly sleep make others WORRY.. LOL.. this guy is so funny..

All the guy look handsome.. Khun describe Chansung as taxi driver.. Khun himself call him as Boys over flower.. KhunWoo wear the same school t-shirt.. Taec look handsome with the hat even Woo wearing it at the end make little WOO look so cute.. Junho wear like the Harry Potter.. also cute..

They play and play.. woah.. so funny esp Junsu with his Daegu, Woo with his crying, Taec with his body gag.. LOL

All the old song are famous and ended by Hands Up song- the latest and popular song.. wink2.. make it getting more fun.. Hepi!!

Finally Chansung win this episode and Junsu lost and get a punishment by the other member..

Sad, Wooyoung did not win any challenge of the episode till now.. huhu.. LOVE WOO!!

2PM Show fighting!!

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