August 23, 2011

XMen in 2PM Show Ep 7

One Day~2PM & 2AM

This shirt make him hot.. hihihi..

Funny Woo..


Hikhik.. love his smile..

Some highlight

  • Really like Wooyoungie's Milwaukee Bucks t-shirt in brown colors.. nice
  • Special guest Jo Kwon & Im Seoulong from 2AM.. LOL.. miss them together after Wild Bunny..
  • Mc battle won by Taec.. as usual.. hehe..
  • They play a famous variety show X-MEN
  • TaecWoo conversation is so romantic.. as i understand (i guess) Taec said Woo is a cute guy & Woo said Taec is handsome guy.. muahaha..
  • Poor baby Woo attact by Taec mouth shoot.. haha.. glad to have Khun that give Woo second chance to hit Taec back..LOL.. KHUNYOUNG forever!!!
  • Junsu, Taec, Jo Kwon, Chansung- White team
  • Wooyoung, Nichkhun, Junho & Seoulong- Green team ( I vote for this team..kekeke)
  • Most favourite game where every member have to fight for the words that they can't handle anymore..muahaha.. funny.. at first Jo Kwon & Woo ( WOO won) Woo & Junsu (Junsu won), Junsu & Junho( Junho won), Chansung & Nichkhun (Chansung won) Chansung & Seoulong ( Seoulong won) Seoulong & Taec ( SeoulOng won) haha..
  • Wooyoung showing great skill in stretching his leg.. DAEBAK!! haha.. such amazing leg you got woo..
  • Finally, the finding of true XMEN has been reveal.. guees who?? Junsu got the X and need to pretend he is not.. haha..funny guy.. Wooyoung, Jo Kwon, Junho & Seoulong guess it correctly and Junsu got punishment.. haha.. poor Junsu
  • At the end I'm so happy that WOO finally Win the challenge.. so Happy!!
  • Taec got punishment at the end.. LOL..

You can watch it here..

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