November 11, 2015

Dilwale Official Trailer

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Dilwale Official Poster

What makes you more excited to watch Bollywood film if its not because of Shah Rukh Khan & Kajol.. The biggest superstar in Bollywood & best couple in Bollywood too.. I'm grow up watching their film together.. just like them being a friends for almost 20 years and have a biggest & most successful movie running on so long till now.. I'm mentioning Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge.. 

Just name the movie they have been together.. Baazigar, Karan Arjun, Kuch Kuch Ho ta Hai (my fav), Kabhi kushi Khabi Gham and the last one My Name Is Khan.. and now for the most exciting part, they reunited again with Dilwale! So excited right? me too..

For those who don't find out.. please check the trailer out!


First of all, what makes me so excited, its Kajol & Shahrukh khan next movie.. Me only watch Bollywood only because of them.. ya, me also like Hrithik Roshan, Salman Khan, Amir Khan and all the Bollywood stars but this two was the main reason I love hindi movie.. and they acting so good with each other.. Just watch Kuch Kuch Ho ta Hai.. you will know what I mean.. Last part when Salman catch Kajol hand and bring her down, Shah Rukh already crying and Kajol cant stop crying too.. Salman allow her to go with Shah Rukh because he know that is her first love.. The movie was so sad right?? me can watch it for 100 times and crying for 100 times too.. haha.. So amazing! I mean where we can find this two like couple on screen again? tell me.. haha

 One of Dilwale scene..

Talking about this movie, at first I feel so not confidence of the remaining two actors or newcomers in the film.. I don't know Varun or Kriti but at least its not Kareena or Hrithik or any other actors who already has a big name working with Srkajol again.. but it will be nice to see someone who are acting in the same years with them like Madhuri or Salman working together with them again right? I think it will be fun.. but with Srkajol its already enough for me.. yaa.. me so happy!!

I like the trailer of the movie.. its have fun, action and of course romantic scene between Shahrukh & Kajol.. Almost like scene in Kuch Kuch & Khabi Khushi but its more bigger than that.. I hope the ending was happy and they married happy ever after just like their previous movie.. or if its not i don't mind as long as they acting together.. LOL..

Main Cast

So, what are your thought with this movie? do you get along with me or not? haha.. I hope you guys excited to see it too.. Just hope this movie will be successful & be a blockbuster movie like the others hit movie..

Come fall in love again & again..


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