November 24, 2015

David Beckham Title as Sexiest Man Alive!

Assalamualaikum & Hi

Its been a while I'm not writing.. totally because of internet connection.. *gotta blame that.. LOL.. I'm back with some news!! Guess what!! David Beckham gain a title SEXIEST MAN ALIVE for this year of 2015!! The World Cup famous Football player gain a popularity since he play with England and getting attention with his good looks plus got married with his beautiful wife, Victoria Beckham and has 4 kids together! Brooklyn, Cruz, Romeo & Harper must be proud of him.. *I love all his kids name.. so cute.. 

What an amazing man & father he is.. I'm his fan for long time a go and now he is back with this title crown by People Magazine.. Congratulations from me and all his fans around the world! He deserve the title.. Hope to see this man continue & stay alive as a sexiest man all the year! 

Sexiest cover by him

David with Harper.. Lucky kids to have this man as their father.. 

Congratulations to him once again! Fighting!

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