September 26, 2011

Wooyoung Suzy Couple~

Happy news for me.. Wooyoung and Suzy has appeared as a couple in a new drama name "Human Casino".. after together in "Dream High" as co star, the producer continued his interest to take Woo & Suzy as a special cameo in his drama..

According to sources, producer said that "They have a connection through 'Dream High,' which I thought made it a great opportunity. When I told them that I would be working on a new project, they asked to come and visit. I suggested that they just cameo while they were at it, and they agreed. THey won't be in the actual drama but during an episode that will appear at the ending scroll," PD Kim Sung Yoon explained.

Wooyoung (2PM)

Suzy (Miss A)

I thought its really cute and nice.. They a cute together.. Really can make a good pair beside WOOU couple.. kekeke.. Woo looking handsome and cute as always meanwhile Suzy look more pretty than usual.. LOL.. The scene is so cute.. they almost make a kiss.. aigoo ya.. Screaming loud seeing Woo.. haha.. Don't miss to see it!!

Credit to: Soompi

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