December 14, 2010

H.O.T & Popular Guys

So H.O.T!!!

2PM excited to post new entries now..huhu..tekun btol nak save gambar2 hot ni ekkk..I'm sure u will be excited too..because guess what???!!! there is another translation & expression about HOT & COOL guys every seasons..not Part 1 or Part 2 k..but it's been analyze and voted by me & myself..and now heheh =) senyum senyum you wanna know who??lets go!!!

---->>Just leave !t to me..first & foremost..HOT in this new season..Mr Jang Wooyoung from 2PM..yeay!! Woo is the best to describe HOT...c.o.o.l & POPular guy in 2PM & in the world..(I guess) huhu...for me the way he dance, he sing, he act, are so nice and cool in my eyes & too close in my heart^ ^..da berkenan sangat ngan mamat nie =) Now woo has a new upcoming drama called "Dream High" hmmm...can't wait to see it..

---->>Kang Dong WOn..who knows this guy??hot & famous in fashion and acting and also got nice voice when he sing..I'm not sure whether he is a singer but I've love him in the drama Something About 1%..SUCH A NICE GUY TO BE WITH...heheh..

LOOOKKK..whether it is short or long hair..he still got the nice man...

---->>Oh! My love and the only one Won hot & Gud Lookingg!!!The most wanted & talented actor in Korea..Has been nominated in many awards event & becomes the most handsome man doing CF/any commercial Tv programmed~huhu..i wish could see him in future...=D..and from my observation, he become the most wanted guy to be a boyfriends to many women out there~hee..Me too..

P/s-->>Most handsome man are fashionable and HOT...AT first i thought Jerry Yen was a bit like Won bin..heheh

---->>This guy,,name Dennis Oh are popular in Sweet Spy/witch Yuhee are also a nice looking and handsome man..look what he wear..what he pose still handsome..i think he is a MIX..that's make him so gojes & hensem man..Popular with his look & mix english korean..=)

--->>Song Seung Heon..has a lead in many drama includes Autumn In mY heart & The Guy Was Cool..Famous with his acting & handsome man..Owhh his body is awesome & HOT guys...Love It!

---@Last but not least is Lee Ji hoon shi..and maybe some of u think he is not Hot because not many of his film & drama are succeed but 4 Me..he is a good actor with a good attitude and many actress are well with him..maybe he is not HOT but he is a gud looking guy & has pretty face (some of his fans know it)..hehe..for me, he got the look, voice and talent..He was been in industries for almost 15 years in acting, singing and teaters and now he is in 3oth something..but to tell truth,,i love KDRAMA because of him & i know 2PM becoz of him..LOve Lee ji hoon~ the season of hottest Guys in the world OF KOREAN..haha..
p/s---->>Credit to all fans of these Guys for the picture...

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