November 28, 2010

Wooyoung Couple

nEW Entries----->>
But OLD picture..still about JAng WooYoUNG =p

Meet the people that close with WOO and who has been together with him along his journey..

**First of all with Nichkhun who really2 supportive & close with him as a team member..hehe..most cute couple in the world!!

**Jang Wooyoung & Lee Junho..also being a sweet couple of friends..

---->>Again with Taecyeon..huhu..what a good relationship they have when doing MC together & now they are working in a same drama call 'Dream High' excited to see this drama...

Oowhh..Woo with brother Jun.. haha.. Luve when see them so much close... closer please..

** Woo ah..what are you doing with maknae Chansung???hehe...cute cute cute as always..

**Haaa..who's does't know this couple please raise ur hand..haha..Wooyoung with Taeyeon from SNSD work together as MC in win win idoL concert programmed where they are presenting idoL Group in Korea and work with Kim Seung Woo as main MC..they are really really cute together;) hee..

This picture really mean a lot for woo as Jay leave the group end of 2009..such a great memories between both of theM...

So...leave the memories behind and work for ur future my darling...huhu..Wooyoung Fighting!!

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