April 30, 2016

Happy Birthday Jang Wooyoung!

Assalamualaikum & Hi

Birthday Boy

I wanna wish Happy Birthday to my one n only Jang Wooyoung who celebrate his birthday today! Its 30th April and I hope he is doing fine now.. Where ever you are just remember that I'm always here cheering for your career and life.. I'm hoping he tweet some of the pictures with 2PM members celebrating his birthday today.. Even I'm not so active using twitter now (coz he delete his Instagram account) I'm still hope he actively using his twitter and do not delete his account.. LOL.. 

Some of my wish today..

Win Win Idol.. MC Wooyoung..

He will find some shows and doing MC again coz I love him being MC.. 

Jason in Dream high..

Continue acting coz I know he is so talented with his singing and acting skills.. Even you are not so pro enough but it still can make your fans love you more.. I am still waiting for miracle happen for you to make an acting again!! Fighting!!

Jang Wooyoung first solo debut with Sexy Lady..

Those who's his fans already know how great he is in dancing that's why he is the best dancer in 2PM.. His solo debut never failed me coz I love his MV, the choreographer, the songs was amazing, the concept and the outfit really match with him but sadly its happen once in 2012.. So now I hope he can make a solo comeback soon coz other members busy with drama and solo activities.. Jyeahh!! Lets wait for it!!

Wooyoung and Seyoung In We Got Married 2014

I know many of YY couple fans really miss them so much.. Me too.. tsk tsk.. They end up the show like in August 2014 but still Seyoung said they still contact each other.. I know they had a true feelings before the show end and many of us really hope they still continue contacting each other after the show.. Even though Seyoung is busy with acting and Wooyoung with his concert but somehow I still hope Wooyoung can find someone who really can take care of each other like this two people who already show how they fall in love.. hehe.. So, I hope Wooyoung can find someone he can fall in love with.. who knows it is Seyoung! haha.. I know he can be a good partner and a good husband too.. wink wink.. I love you YY couple!!

So, thats all about him.. I really hope he can enjoy his birthday this year and making some fun and happy moments with his good friends and family.. I'm here really wishing him a happy life and good luck for everything he do.. cheommal cheommal Sarangheyoo.. ANNYEONG!!

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