April 10, 2013

Global We Got Married

Annyeong!! so excited to post this article.. haha.. Can't believe Ok Taec aka Ok Cat get married so early.. haha.. and Hongki (FT Island) together joining the programmed.. Both are my favorite idol and they got married this year with beautiful lady Gui Gui and Fuji Mina.. 

Hongki with Mina and Taec with Gui Gui =)

Pretty good with each other..

I wanna see this episode when they are doing the wedding ceremony.. hehe

Ok Taec, be a good husband ok.. haha

Sweet ^^

Lets continue with their first new episode of We Got Married and see what they are doing on the first meeting.. hehe.. as usual Taec acting crazy and funny with his body gag and his laughing.. Lucky Taec english was so good compared to Gui Gui.. but of course they look good together.. when I see Gui Gui, its feel like seeing Vic in other way.. much pretty like Vic but different in their own character.. hehe.. Compare to Hongki couple.. Mina can speak well in Korean so Hongki didn't has to face difficulties in talking with his wife.. seriously Mina was so pretty with her eye smile.. their first meeting was funny.. I'm looking forward for  the next episode.. TaecGui & HongkiMina Fighting!! ^__________^

130407 We Got Married [GLOBAL EDITION] EP 01 FULL by ft_meg

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